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The Importance of Being Earnest

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LRJ #1 (Act I)

What are Algernon's ideas about marriage? What do these ideas say about Algernon's character?

Describe the tone of the dialogue between Algernon and Jack. Provide textual evidence



LRJ#2 (Act I)

How do the problems that the characters experience (running out of cucumber sandwichs, dual identities) strike you?


How do Gwendolen and Lady Bracknell fit (or not fit) into the role of a woman in the 1890s? Provide textual evidence

           Women in the 1890s are considered extensions of their husbands (support his views), have children, cook, run their households, be a Lady



LRJ #3 (Act II)

Find examples of wit, satire and farce in Act II. Provide textual evidence. How does Wilde use these to make a comment on Victorian society?



LRJ #4 (Act III)

Find examples of wit, absurdity and social conventions in Act III.  Provide textual evidence. How do these concepts work together to create humor in Act III.



*Note: for LRJ #3-4, you can make a bulleted list for each element/device. However, drawing all of these together should be written in full sentences and paragraph form.

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