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Quarter One

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Week One


Week Two


Week Two-Three: Writing workshop and Comparative mythology—excerpts from The Iliad, The Odyssey, Ramayana, Sundiata, Aeneid


Week Four: Continue comparative mythology


Week Five:

  • Monday: Google Documents, Comparative Mythology Assignment, database tutorial with passwords
  • Tuesday: Comparative Mythology Assignment
  • Wednesday: Comparative Mythology Assignment
  • Thursday-Friday: excerpts from The Iliad, Book One


Week Six:

  • Monday: Greek gods/goddesses quiz,  The Iliad
  • Tuesday: Comparative Mythology Assignment Due October 7; present
  • Wednesday: Presentations
  • Thursday: Presentations
  • Friday: Presentations


Week Seven: Presentations; No School Thursday and Friday


Week Eight:

  • Monday, October 20: Biography Project First Draft Due--Peer editing
  • Tuesday:The Iliad--book 23
  • Wednesday: The Iliad--book 23
  • Thursday: The Iliad--book 23
  • Friday: Final biography projects due!


Week Nine:


Week Ten:

  • Monday: LRJ due--five entries.  Review--create an outline for final essay test
  • Tuesday: Sundiata
  • Wednesay: Final (in-class essay) depending on finals schedule/Sundiata
  • Thursday: Final (in-class essay) depending on finals schedule/Sundiata
  • Friday: No school for students

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