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Haiku and Senryu Poems

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Haiku Poems

Translated by Harold G. Henderson, Peter Beilenson and Harry Behn

Taken from World Literature page 576


Matsuo Basho

On a withered branch

            A crow has settled—

                        Autumn nightfall.


A village where they ring

            no bells!—Oh what do they do

                        at dusk in spring?


No rice?—In that hour

            we put into the gourd

                        a maiden-flower.

-Translated by Harold G. Henderson


Uejima Onitsura

Even stones in streams

            of mountain water compose

                        songs to wild cherries.

-Translated by Peter Beilenson and Harry Behn


Taniguchi Buson

Blossoms on the pear;

            and a woman in the moonlight

                        reads a letter there….

-Translated by Harold G. Henderson


Kobayashi Issa

A morning-glory vine

            all blossoming, has thatched

                        this hut of mine.

-Translated by Harold G. Henderson

Senryu Poems

Taken from World Literature page 612-613


After he’s scolded

His wife too much,

He cooks the rice.


Zen priest,

Meditation finished,

Looking for fleas.


“Don’t worry!” he says,

And then tells you something

That really gets you worried.


Workmen eating lunch,

With a side order

Of gripes.


First childbirth—

Her husband feels like

He did half the work.


Off to work,

The burglar to his wife:

“Lock up tight when you go to bed!”


Judging from the pictures,

Hell looks the more

Interesting place.


Home from work,

The bachelor sniffs

At the leftover rice.


One bite

And I’m doing a dance—

Red peppers.


Sei Shonagon

Makes her dictionary

A pillow.



“Do take out your teeth

Once more!”

Begs the grandchild.



On a bicycle,

Lifting up both legs,

Through a puddle.


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