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Welcome to the 10 IB Wiki!

The main page provides a course overview for the year.  More specific information can be found if you click on the links listed in the sidebar to the right.  Please let me know if you have any questions: lindsay.peifer@spps.org.  


Semester One

Quarter One-- 


Week One


Week Two


Week Two-Three: Writing workshop and Comparative mythology—excerpts from The Iliad, The Odyssey, Ramayana, Sundiata, Aeneid


Week Four: Continue comparative mythology


Week Five:

  • Monday: Google Documents, Comparative Mythology Assignment, database tutorial with passwords
  • Tuesday: Comparative Mythology Assignment
  • Wednesday: Comparative Mythology Assignment
  • Thursday-Friday: excerpts from The Iliad, Book One


Week Six:

  • Monday: Greek gods/goddesses quiz,  The Iliad
  • Tuesday: Comparative Mythology Assignment Due October 7; present
  • Wednesday: Presentations
  • Thursday: Presentations
  • Friday: Presentations


Week Seven: Presentations; No School Thursday and Friday


Week Eight:

  • Monday, October 20: Biography Project First Draft Due--Peer editing
  • Tuesday:The Iliad--book 23
  • Wednesday: The Iliad--book 23
  • Thursday: The Iliad--book 23
  • Friday: Final biography projects due!


Week Nine:


Week Ten:

  • Monday: LRJ due--five entries.  Review--create an outline for final essay test
  • Tuesday: Sundiata
  • Wednesay: Final (in-class essay) depending on finals schedule/Sundiata
  • Thursday: Final (in-class essay) depending on finals schedule/Sundiata
  • Friday: No school for students



Quarter Two--

Week One:

The epic tradition and Antigone

The beginnings of English—excerpts from Beowulf. 

Week Two-Three: The Medieval period/early Renaissance—The Inferno

Week Four: excerpts from The Decameron

Week Five: The Canterbury Tales

Week Six Everyman

Week Seven-Eight: The Renaissance and Dr. Faustus

Week Nine: Review and Finals


Quarter Three and Four--

•    Shakespeare: Macbeth and As You Like It

•    Japanese literature

•    17th and 18th Century European literature

•    Chinese literature

•    Romanticism and Victorian literature

•    Independent Novel study

•    The Importance of Being Earnest

•    World Literature in the 20th Century--poetry and short stories



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