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Cultural Literacy

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Why should you be culturally literate?


Here is the man who seemed to have the Midas touch, a man who had been welcomed after the years of the junta as a conquering hero, the new Fidel.  Within one year of his coming to power, even his family acts as if a giant cockroach had been deposited in their midst.  His refusal to take orders from either the Kremlin or Washington worries his followers.  His speech in Brasilia before leaders of five nations invoked Emerson and Rousseau as well as Thomas Paine and Mao.  As the internal disharmony builds to a crescendo, CIA operatives migrate toward the border and wait, anticipating the chain reaction that usually follows a speech like the one last Friday. 


Zahler, Diane and Kathy A.  Test Your Cultural Literacy.  New York: ARCO, 1988. vii.



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