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10 IB Commentary: Beowulf

Pick a passage of between 15-20 lines from the work that appeals to you and that has a specific significance to the work as a whole.  Write a commentary in which you address the following three areas:

1.    Use your introduction to tell the reader why this passage is significant.  Does it tell us something about one of the characters?  Does it introduce or reinforce a theme?  Does it provide contrast or comparison with another element of the work?  Does it have some special emotional component?

2.    Discussion of the specific language and literary devices should make up the main portion of your paper.  How is this passage effective in terms of language?  Does it introduce some new elements?  Does it reinforce the language used in the total work?  What specific words and literary devices does the author use that make it effective for its purpose?  Make sure to connect the language and devices you identify to their effect and purpose in the passage—don’t just name them!

3.    Your personal response (without using first person).  Why did you choose this passage?  Comment on the specific things that made you pick this passage from the entire work.  Your concluding remarks are the appropriate place for these ideas.

Length may vary depending on your selection, but each commentary should be at least 250 words.  Remember to cite specific lines or phrases as evidence for your ideas.  Please remember to proofread your papers before you turn it in.  Also, make sure you use standard Academic English in your commentary and correct MLA format. 

Make sure to identify the section of the work you are citing by section and line numbers.

Commentary is due Monday, December 15th!

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