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Antigone paper

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Antigone Paper

It is your job as a practicing attorney to either defend or prosecutue the following ideas or people.  Choose ONE of the following topics and write a 250-300 word argument in eassy form.  Please be concise, thougtful, and use specific examples and/or quotes from the play to illustrate your points.

1.  The Laws of the state (human)

2.  The Laws of tradition (gods)

3.  Rights/roles of women

4.  Importance of the chorus and the choragos

5.  Creon--guilty or innocent

6.  Antigone--guilty or innocent

7.  Ismene--should she share Antigone's guilt or innocence?

Other ideas--check with me.

Due: Wednesday, November 26th.


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Roberto Sande said

at 8:01 pm on Nov 22, 2008

Is this paper supposed to be o our blog?

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